Jcafe Sukhumvit

Information about the Jcafe Sukhumvit instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Website Display Packaging Options Custom
Website Display Packaging Options Custom
Website Display Packaging Options
Website Show Packaging Options in Odoo facilitates the creation of Packaging-based products in the Odoo.
Website Hide Out Of Stock Products
The module hides the products that are out of stock from the shop page on Odoo website.
Website Product Stock
Display Product stock on website product page.
From quotations to invoices
Invoices & Payments
Enterprise website builder
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Manage financial and analytic accounting
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Point of Sale
User-friendly PoS interface for shops and restaurants
Sell your products online
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
Submit, validate and reinvoice employee expenses
Create and customize your Odoo apps
Document management
Centralize employee information
Account Dashboard
Account Dashboard
Bizzup Add To Cart Reset
Reset the value to 1 when clicked on Add to Cart in website.
Bizzup Analytic Distribution Customization
In Purchase Order , There is a Analytic Distribtion field. To Prevent Passing 'False' value as a string in a JSON field.
Bizzup Stock Move Customization
Adding new custom fields in Stock Move.
Bizzup Product Customization
Adding new custom fields in Product.
Custom Product Labels
Print custom product labels with barcode | Barcode Product Label
Odoo Product Label Builder
Product Barcode Label Building and Printing | Professional Tool to Print Labels | Barcode Product Label Builder | Product Label Designer | Sticker Label Maker | Dymo Label Maker | Barcode Label Generator | Direct Print
Product Search by Barcode on Website
This apps helps you search product by barcode on website | Website Product Search Barcode | Product Search Barcode
Point Of Sale Access Rights
POS Extra Access Rights Restrict Access Point Of Sale POS Disable Customer Button POS Deny Numpad POS Restrict Plus-Minus Buttons POS Disable Quantity Button POS Discount Disable POS Payment Button Disable POS Disable Price POS Access Rights Odoo
POS Close Session Report
print point of sale detail, pos information report app, pos close session detail, close session report validate, daily pos session module, point of sale session manage, pos close session report odoo
Product Catalog Generator
Create Product Catalogue, Custom Product Catalog App, Make Own Product Catalog, Product Catalogue Module, Customize Product Catalogue, Product Catalog Template, Design Product Catalog, Product Catalog Management, Product Catalogue Builder Odoo
All In One Product Profitability Report
Point Of Sales Profit Report POS Product Profitability Analysis Report Point Of Sale Profit POS Product Sales Profitability Sales Product Profitability Report Point of Sale Profitability Report Report POS profitability report pos profit Odoo
Stripe Fees Extension
Collect Stripe processing fees from customer. Fees can be configured as fixed or percentage wise. Stripe processing fees will be automatically visible on checkout. stripe, stripe charge, stripe_charge, stripe fee, fees, processing fees, paypal, acquirer, payment gateway, payment, payment fees, processing charge transaction charge, transaction fee, online payment fee, payment charge
Website Webkul Addons
Website Webkul Addons allows Odoo users to manage all Webkul’s Odoo website Related modules from single page.
Send documents to sign online and handle filled copies
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Use barcode scanners to process logistics operations
Organize your work with memos
Manage your employee payroll records
Employee Contracts

Installed Localizations / Account Charts

Thailand - Accounting
Thailand - Accounting Reports